PRICES (for 8 hotel stays)

Metropolitan Hotel Toronto & Vancouver
Passes can be used at either hotel

$1,199 (incl. taxes)
SoHo Metropolitan Hotel
Passes can be used at any Metropolitan Hotel, including the SoHo Met

$1,799 (incl. taxes)
  Prices are in Canadian dollars and inclusive of postage/shipping, GST, applicable provincial taxes on hotel accommodation, and destination fees.
Some terms and conditions apply.

Please fill out the following form to make you purchase. The Multi-stay Hotel Passes must be sent to your credit card's billing address. (Price includes postage.) The credit card must also be in your own name.  [*] indicates required information.
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Number of Passes: Toronto/Vancouver booklet/s of 8 stays @ $1,199 each
SoHo Metropolitan booklet/s of 8 stays @ $1,799 each
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   I have read the Terms and Conditions and other descriptions of the Multi-stay Hotel Pass program offered by Metropolitan Hotels. I certify that I am of legal age and authorized to purchase of these Passes using the above credit card. I assume responsibility for the charges connected with this purchase, including incidental charges incurred at the hotel when I use my stays.


  After you click the above button to make your purchase, you will have an opportunity to review the information you submitted and the total amount to be charged to your credit card before your purchase becomes final.
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